Let's Aim Higher

Sustained Economic Vitality

Sustained economic vitality comes when you make sound invests in education, infrastructure, healthcare, the environment, and community safety. I want a Minnesota that attracts top talent for our career opportunities and a high quality of life.

High Quality Education

We moved home to raise our kids in a top-notch public school system. When every child receives the equal opportunity to realize their potential the whole economy prospers.

Infrastructure Investment

As an economist, I trust that investing in sound infrastructure projects from roads to broadband will reduce inefficiencies for our small businesses and stimulate growth. Infrastructure is how we stay connected and thrive. We need to put the incoming Federal dollars into sound infrastructure investments that will have positive, long-lasting effects.

Affordable, Accessible Healthcare

Every Minnesotan needs access to quality, affordable physical and mental healthcare. I believe in protecting the patient provider relationship and reproductive freedom. When people have access to affordable healthcare it increases their ability to start new careers and build small businesses.

Environmental Protections

Protecting our water resources is essential to our Minnesota economy and combating climate change is an opportunity to build new industries and create new jobs. We need to quickly and aggressively address climate change before it is too late. We can combat climate change and create jobs at the same time.

Community Safety

Safe communities prosper. We need to ensure the safety of all Minnesotans from families to law enforcement. We need to apply a data-driven approach to provide for safe communities.