Let's Aim Higher

on the Issues that Matter

Dear Neighbor, I am Lauren Bresnahan and I am running for MN State House. We need someone at the Capitol who understands that real economic growth is achieved when we invest in our future through education, healthcare, small businesses, community safety, and environmental protections.

Currently, I am a Director of Market Insights at Cargill. Prior to that I was Deputy Chief Economist at KPMG and a Macroeconomist at the Congressional Budget Office in Washington D.C. I have also taught macroeconomics at the University of Maryland and worked in National Security. I hold a Ph.D. in Applied Economics and serve on the Board of the Cargill Veterans Military Support Network. I am a mother and multi-generation Minnesotan invested in our shared future.

I believe we need to aim higher on the issues that matter to our district and our state:

Infrastructure Investment

Sustained Economic Vitality

High Quality Education

Affordable Healthcare

Community Safety

Environmental Protections

All of us are navigating our way through a global pandemic and uncertainty abounds. I am running because I believe it is more important than ever that we have sound policies in place to safeguard our future. With your support, I can help to accomplish that in the Minnesota House.

Let’s aim higher!

Your neighbor,

Lauren Bresnahan, Ph.D.